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Massage & Energy Healing By Keno Powers

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"Wow! I walked in feeling terrible: stressed and fatigued. I walked out feeling like a new person. It's hard to find someone who is as talented. His touch is soothing, his techniques are great and he also has a strong intuitive sense and an ability to work with energy. Keno is a true healer!"

"I've had more than 200 massages with over 40 different therapists and after seeing Keno for the last 5 years, I can unequivocally say that he is the finest massage therapist I have ever worked with. His knowledge and techniques are fantastic and his ability to find and relieve muscle tension is amazing. Keno is in a league by himself."
"I was reluctant to go to a man for a massage, but Keno came highly recommended, so I decided to give him a try. Was I glad I did! Keno is very professional and his massages are heavenly!"
"Hands down the best massage I have EVER had. I have had back problems for years and no massage therapist has ever been able to help, until Keno. Keno clearly knows what he is doing. The first time I went to him, my back was in so much pain I could hardly function. After leaving, my back felt better than it had in years. Words don't do justice to describe how great a massage by Keno truly is, you have to experience it to believe it. His knowledge, technique, and intuition will leave you feeling amazing!"
"I've had a number of massages but nobody beats Keno. What I love about his massage is his ability to find all my tight areas and then work them out in a way that doesn't hurt. I love all the extras as well such as the essential oils, the hot pack, and definitely the hot towels on my feet at the end! Keno has a very nice space and a calming presence."
"Keno is excellent, professional and effective!"
"That was the best massage I have had. Excellent job!"
"Every now and again I meet someone with the ultimate healing touch and high level of empathy. Keno is this person in my professional world. I highly recommend him for anyone needing assistance with achieving the next level of healing." 
"Keno is very attentive and professional. He is awesome!"
"Thank you for the excellent care you gave to me. That was the best massage I have had in years...and the most wonderful part is that the next day, I was pain free! The nagging neck pain I had for days was gone! Yes, you do have healing hands."
"Thank you so much for the great massage!! It was by far the best massage I've ever experienced. You were so nice too. We had a great honeymoon and plan on returning to San Diego. We plan on looking you up when we do. Thanks again!"
"Best massage ever. You are truly a natural healer."
"Keno is a '10' out of '10'. My back and shoulders are still feeling so much better...2 weeks later!"
"Hands down (or perhaps hands on) the absolute best massage I have ever had. Keno is gifted."
"Great experience! I really enjoyed the much needed relaxation as I am inching closer to my due date."
"That was the best massage I've ever had. I was pretty congested and Keno was very considerate. He even massaged my sinuses! It made my whole head open up and I haven't had to take any cold medication since. If you want to enjoy your massage experience, I recommend you go see Keno. The hot stone addition was fantastic!"
"Best massage of my life!"
"I typically have trouble relaxing, even during a massage, but Keno was fantastic. I was on the verge of drooling when he used the hot stones on me. The massage was phenomenal and I do intend to go back and see him again!"
"Keno is SO good! This was one of the most relaxing massages I have ever had. He really knows how to make those tight muscles REEELAX!!"
"I bought a gift certificate for my mother-in-law. She is very shy but she said Keno was very sweet and made her feel comfortable. She also said he has magic hands!"
"The space is beautiful and relaxing. Keno is very professional and welcomes feedback during massage i.e pressure and heat. I strongly recommend Keno!"
"Thank you for helping me relax. I loved the hot stone upgrade!"
"Massage was wonderful! Keno really paid extra attention to the areas I mentioned in our pre-massage chat."
"Enjoyed meeting Keno - he is the consummate professional."
"Wonderful environment.... Keno was thorough with addressing the pain and tension in my body. He followed up and checked in with me about my experience several times."
"Keno exceeded my highest expectations! One of the finest massages I've ever experienced!"
"It was a fantastic experience! I will definitely be going back! I recommend a massage by Keno to anyone who is looking for a good therapist."
""Awesome job! Very professional, kind, and great at deep tissue massages. Went there for a birthday treat and left feeling like the world (of knots) had been lifted off my shoulders!"
"Keno was great. It was a pleasant, focused, caring session. I had some sports-related issues that were amazingly better after the massage and even more apparently better the day after. Rave reviews for Keno!"
"We are from Berkeley California and are spoiled with great massages. So we feel we know through experience what a good massage is. I bought this for my husband, who called me right after his massage to praise Keno's massage. He also mentioned that Keno is a great guy...very friendly. According to my husband this was a great massage!"

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