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Massage Techniques

Keno is proficient in the following techniques:

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PNF: PNF stands for "Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation". It is a technique that incorporates passive stretching with isometric contractions. It was designed in the 1940s to rehabilitate patients with paralysis. In the 1980s, physical and occupational therapists began using components of PNF on athletes. PNF is great for increasing range of motion and reducing pain, which makes for better biomechanics, reduces fatigue, and helps prevent overuse injuries.
STR: STR stands for "Soft Tissue Release". STR is a technique that incorporates both active and passive stretches with the added dimension of pressure on the muscle being stretched. This technique is very effective in releasing muscle tension and increasing range of motion. STR often involves placing the client in different positions on the massage table to stretch specific muscles or muscle groups. While some stretches can be easily incorporated into a "relaxing massage", a session of STR is most effective with the client wearing some kind of workout shorts and a shirt or sports bra. Ask Keno for more details to see if this type of bodywork would best suit your circumstances.
Deep Tissue: Deep Tissue is a broad term for any kind of massage that incorporates more pressure to affect lower lying muscle tissue. Unfortunately, many therapists use too much pressure, causing discomfort and tension in their clients. Keno utilizes deep tissue massage but makes a point of working within a client's level of comfort.
Swedish: Swedish Massage is comprised of 5 different "strokes" designed to relax and release muscle tissue. It is the standard massage taught to all massage students and everyone who wants to attain a massage license must first pass a test on Swedish Massage. While Swedish Massage can entail the use of deep tissue, it is generally used as a way to relax someone with just a slight to moderate emphasis on therapy.
Trigger Point Therapy: Muscle tension often has a focal point, where the tissue is more restricted, bound or knotted up. These points of tension often refer pain to other areas of the body. Trigger Point Therapy involves releasing the tension by applying a sustained amount of pressure directly on the focal point.
Hot Stone Therapy: This treatment is an add-on to any massage. The stones have great therapeutic value as well as enhancing a complete relaxation experience. I heat smooth, round stones in water and use them as a tool, along with my hands, to massage away the knots in your muscles. Try one stone at no charge to see what it feels like and decide at that point whether you want me to use them.

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