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Massage & Energy Healing By Keno Powers

Now only offering out-call massage (in home)

"Hands down the best massage I have EVER had. I have had back problems for years and no massage therapist has ever been able to help, until Keno. Keno clearly knows what he is doing. The first time I went to him, my back was in so much pain I could hardly function. After leaving, my back felt better than it had in years. Words don't do justice to describe how great a massage by Keno truly is, you have to experience it to believe it. His knowledge, technique, and intuition will leave you feeling amazing!"

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About Keno

Keno feels he was born with a gift, and with over 20 years and 25,000+ hours of massage experience, he has turned that gift into a talent. It's a talent he enjoys sharing with others, especially when he sees how much of a positive difference it makes in the lives of his clients.
Keno was first introduced to the benefits of massage at an early age as a competitive runner. His experiences with massage, coupled with his interest in the body/mind connection, led him to pursue massage and wholistic healing as a career.
Keno has a strong yet gentle, intuitive touch. His sessions can be either very relaxing with a slight emphasis on therapy to something that will satisfy the hardcore sports massage enthusiast.